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What is Web Design?

Website Design is the cumulative process of creating a website using creative design, a combination of web programming languages, content writing and strategic planning. Responsive website design is a must on todays world to not only ensure your website works across all browsers and devices – but also to please Google and other search engines and appear higher in search results. Read further down to see our list of benefits of a website.

Some of the features of web design are colour schemes, fonts, images and graphic design, responsive designs for mobile devices, search engine optimisation, navigation, security, and most importantly – coding languages such as HTML, CSS, PHP and Java.

There are different levels of responsive website design depending on the budget available and the person or company carrying out the work.

      1. Using professional and reliable web designers.
      2. Using off the shelf software.
      3. Using online website builders.
      4. Using a CMS such as WordPress web design

Using professional, reliable web designers would be the best option for most, as there are a lot of elements to a website and unless you are computer savvy, you will likely struggle.

If you have some knowledge of how websites work then you might find you can build a perfectly good website using off the shelf software such as Adobe Dreamweaver.

If your budget is tight and you don’t have any knowledge of website design then using an online website builder would be your best option. The downside to websites built on these platforms is that they are very limited in terms of personalisation and if you need any advanced features, you will likely find you can’t do it. However, don’t forget that there are cheap website design options out there too, have you seen our packages yet? Request a web design quotation to find out more.

Our recommendation is that you try to find suitable, trustworthy, competent and reliable web designers that fall within your budget and give you responsive website design – try to get uk web design quotes as they are easier to communicate with and are on the same time zone as you!

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How can a Website help me?

A Lot of people ask the question, how can a website help me? Well if you own a business, charity, organisation, club etc – then a website can can help you in many ways.

The internet is the go-to place for information on most things in today’s modern world, so having your own space and identity is absolutely essential. 9 times out of 10, a person will now “Google” your business or identity name to find out information and contact details. If you do not appear in search results then straight away they lose confidence in you and most often go to the next company – meaning you lose a potential customer.

The benefits of a website is that they can be used to showcase your services, your work and what you do. The better the website looks and performs – the better your business and identity appears to the visitors. If your website is dated and poorly designed, then not only will visitors lose confidence in you but search engines will too – meaning you will rank lower in search results and ultimately lose out on a lot of potential customers. We recommend you only use responsive website design and get a web design quotation from reliable web designers.

Main Features of Web Design

These are the Main Features of Web Design.

  • Custom Website Designs
  • Quality Page Content
  • Responsive Website Design
  • Cross Browser Compatible Designs
  • HTML5, CSS3, PHP7
  • Graphic Design & Images
  • Website Branding
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • SSL & Data Protection
  • Website Security
  • Website Maintenance
  • Website Technical Support
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Benefits of a Website

More Customers, Clients and Followers

One of the main benefits of a website is that it opens your business up to more people, who potentially may never have found you before.

Most people have smart phones now with mobile data, meaning they can browse on the go. So anytime a person needs something new or wants to find out some information about your company – they can do it all in their hand in a matter of seconds. If you didn’t have a website or an online presence, then you would lose out on all of the people who use mobile phones to browse the internet to search for businesses and information.

Also, if you do have a website but it is not mobile responsive or designed very well, then people who do find your business online and look at your website in a poorly designed mobile state can be easily put off your company, losing confidence in your brand and moving onto the next one they find.

Get uk web design quotes and reap the benefits of a website today.

Build an Online Presence

Having a website online is like having your own little space in the web universe. Once it is there – the world is your oyster!

You should never forget about or ignore your website, it should kept up to date at all times. That means not only the content and images, but the technology behind it.

The longer that your website is online, if setup correctly and well maintained, the stronger its presence becomes to search engines, customers and even competitors. Your brand is strengthened and you look more professional. We recommend using reliable web designers to ensure your website and hosting is also reliable!

Make your Business Accessible at All Times

Further benefits of a website are that websites are online 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. They never go offline (*depending on your hosting arrangement).

This means that your business is available 24/7/365 too. A lot of people will research websites and businesses online, in their own time – often during the night when your physical business is closed.

It may also be that you have an ecommerce shop on your website where people can purchase goods. Being a website means that your shop will never close! Your goods will be available to buy 24 hours a day, even when you are sleeping!

It is also worth noting that you should use responsive website design to ensure your website works on all devices and browsers. Search engines also rank responsive website design higher than none responsive sites so if your website is not responsive, then you should think about having it redesigned.

Beat your Competition

Take a look at your competitors websites and make notes of what you like and dislike. Also note where they appear in search results for different search terms etc.

With this information, you can create a long term strategy to better your competition, increase your online presence, strengthen your brand and appear higher than them in search results.

You can also use this information to get new ideas and stay relevant. Don’t let your competition run away with something new that you are missing out on.

Interact with your Visitors

Most websites have contact forms, some have live chat, some have support tickets and other communication options.

You can utilise all of these to add extra ways for potential customers to get in touch with you and give them a better user experience.

Get Repeat Custom

If your visitors and customers have had a good experience on your website then there is a high chance they will come back and use you again.

You can offer incentives to return customers by offering discount codes and % off next spend or free delivery etc.

You can also attempt to create mailing lists, with visitors permission of course, where you can send emails with new products, special offers, latest news on your business and your industry etc.

Looking for more benefits of web design? Then head on over to our blog where you will find tons of useful information on web design.

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Types of Web Design

Responsive Website Design

Every website today should be responsive.

What does that mean? Responsive Websites are setup in such a way that they display correctly across all devices including PC’s, Laptops, Tablets and Mobile Phones. If a website is not setup responsively, it will be difficult to use on a mobile device and put the end user off. Search engines will also rank you lower. If your website is not responsive, then you must do all you can to make it responsive as soon as possible, or have a new website built.

eCommerce Web Design

eCommerce basically means a website that sells goods and/or services online which are also setup to take online payments.

A normal website will not be able to simply sell products and accept payments – there is a lot that goes into setting up an eCommerce type website. But don’t let that put you off, use a professional web design company to build it for you and start selling your goods online right away.

WordPress Web Design

WordPress web design is fast becoming one of the most popular forms of responsive website design.

The reason for this is because WordPress web design offers both the designer and the website owner a lot of flexibility and a future proof platform, as well as high security, modern technology, millions of plugins and themes and so on. You can decide to change the full design of the website without affecting the current website content or seo rankings (if done properly!). WordPress also makes it easier to create a responsive website design.

WordPress web design also offers the website owner (you) an easy way to manage and update the site yourself. You can add new pages in the same template as the rest of the pages with no technical knowledge, you can add images, edit pages, create and edit blog posts and so much more with ease. If you are looking for wordpress web design, then request uk web design quotes from us and let us show you what we can do for you.

There are so many types of web design, we have lots of useful information over at our blog – come see for yourself.

How Much does Web Design Cost?

Web Design Quotation

The cost of a website varies greatly, depending on the features you require and the company you choose to work with.

You want to find the best web design company you can within your budget, but where do you start!? How do you know who is good and who you can trust? You could Google web designers, but chances are the top companies charge a lot more than your budget allows.

Did we mention that we do Web Design yet? Well, we do! Our prices are very competitive and you get peace of mind knowing you can trust us, communicate with us and that we will always be here when you need us. To request a web design quotation, go to the top of this page and let us know! We offer cheap web design with a fantastic service included!

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Who are Websites for?

Websites are essential for ANY business of ANY size.

You should never think that your business doesn’t need a website – you would be very wrong. You should see our list of benefits of a website and hopefully realise that you do need a website for your business – whatever your business is!

If you want to succeed in the modern world and have longevity in business, then we can’t stress enough how much you need a website. Take the plunge, start your online journey and watch your business flourish. Get uk web design quotes from reliable web designers and hopefully you will find cheap web design and a great service to go with it!

Cheap Web Design

Quotesy Designs

Good reliable website designers, who you can trust, rely upon and communicate well with are very hard to come by.

Fortunately, one of the things we are good at is reliable Web Design and Development. In fact, we actually have a whole web design team in house and we offer cheap web design! But don’t let that fool you – our designs and service are second to none!

We wouldn’t feel comfortable recommending website designers as they can be so up and down – so we don’t. But we do provide cheap website design ourselves at Quotesy.

We like to think that we are trustworthy, well established and reliable web designers. We have the infrastructure and support in place to be available 24/7 so you can rest assured that your website is and will always be well looked after.

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Reliable Web Design

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The problem is, there are that many different companies offering that many different services and packages – it would take a lifetime to pick the best and most reliable web designers for your business. You would have to trawl the Internet and fill in different forms and call different companies to request quotes and go over all of the information again and again, just to get the best uk web design quotes.

Fortunately, we take all of the hassle away and offer a very quick and easy service to deliver you uk web design quotes.

Simply tell us what you are looking for and give us your details and we will do the rest!

We will provide you with web design quotes based on your requirements. The whole process is fast, stress free and very efficient.