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Vehicle Tracking, What is it?

Vehicle Tracking provides the location and information of a vehicle via a tracking box which is fitted to a vehicle. The data is sent to software which is accessible on multiple devices.

Vehicle Trackers come in various shapes and sizes, from small dashboard trackers to fully integrated internal trackers.

Vehicle Trackers monitor all sorts of useful information such as GPS location, Fuel usage, Traffic alerts, Driver behaviour, Vehicle speed and much more.

Vehicle Trackers can be fitted to any vehicle, including single cars, business fleets, vans, trucks, boats, plant machinery, motorbikes etc.

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How does Vehicle Tracking Work?

Car and Vehicle Tracking devices usually work by submitting a GPS signal from a device connected to your vehicle. The signal is picked up via satellite and the information is pushed to either your smart phone, tablet or specialised vehicle tracking software.

The amount of information pushed to your vehicle tracking software depends on the type of vehicle tracker that you have fitted. Cheaper car trackers send only a few pieces of information such as the location and speed travelling, whereas more complex vehicle trackers send a lot more information.

Features of Vehicle Tracking

These are the Key Features of Vehicle Tracking.

  • Real-time GPS Tracking
  • Live Updates & Notifications
  • Real-time Traffic Alerts
  • Vehicle Information & Stats
  • Driver Information & Stats
  • Feature packed Software
  • Mobile Apps & Integration
  • Communication between Driver and Control Centre
  • Enhanced Security Features
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Benefits of Vehicle Tracking

Real-time GPS Tracking

Know where your vehicles are at all times and gain control over them like you never thought possible.

With professional software and mobile apps, vehicle tracking has never been so easy. You can monitor your vehicles in real time with intuitive maps which are easy to use and have tons of features to help in your day to day running.

The other obvious benefit of real time GPS vehicle tracking is that if your vehicle is ever stolen, you are able to pin point its location to inform the police. This helps to recover your vehicle before it is too late and hopefully reduce and damage and losses incurred.

Fuel Savings

Vehicle Tracking Software helps you plan the shortest routes and avoid traffic. In turn, this allows you to use less fuel and save money on all journeys, but especially long journeys where fuel costs add up due to the amount of miles driven.

CO2 Emissions are also monitored with your fuel monitoring, and all of this information is transmitted back to the professional software for you to read and take action if need be.

Route Planning

One of the more advanced and helpful features of Vehicle Tracking Systems is the Route Planning ability.

You are able to plan the fastest, shortest, most efficient routes for your drivers to take and pre-program this into the vehicle tracking device before each journey begins. This saves you valuable time, money and miles.

With a Vehicle Tracking system, you can avoid toll roads, motorways, narrow roads, bridges, traffic, road works and more.

Driver Behaviour Telematics

Vehicle Trackers are able monitor driver behaviour. You can help drivers behaviour with information such as accelerating speed, braking distances, erratic driving, driving over the speed limit and basically helping your drivers be more efficient.

The Vehicle Tracking Software calculates fuel costs for wasteful habits, ranks best and worst performers, monitors speeding and idling etc and more.

This not only saves money on fuel usage, but also on vehicle maintenance, avoiding possible fines and ensures your drivers are efficient as possible.

Vehicle Stats and Information

One thing people are surprised about with Vehicle Tracking, is the ability to monitor vehicle information such as..

  • MPG Monitoring
  • Amount of Fuel left
  • Fluid levels and Temps
  • Servicing and Maintenance reports
  • Check Engine Light status
  • And more.

Enhanced Security

Anti-theft vehicle security is an added bonus with Vehicle Trackers. The system can be wired into your alarm, immobiliser and door locks aswell as relay information back to your vehicle tracking software.

This helps the police and authorities find your vehicle, hopefully before any real damage is done and minimises damage and losses.

With Vehicle Tracker stickers and warnings strategically placed around your vehicle, thieves will be deterred from trying to steal your vehicle and cargo.

Lower Car Insurance Premiums

Car and Vehicle Insurers have started to realise the benefits of Vehicle Trackers to cars, fleets, vehicles and machinery, and have started to offer reduced rates for vehicles fitted with a vehicle tracker.

You can find even more vehicle tracking benefits over at our blog!

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Which Vehicle Tracker

Anti-Theft Vehicle Trackers

This is the most basic type of vehicle tracker on the market and also the cheapest. These can be used for personal or business use.

Anti Theft Vehicle Trackers use either GPS or VHF to track the location of the vehicle, cargo or machinery. This information can be used by police and authorities to track down the stolen vehicle and hopefully retrieve it before it’s too late.

This type of vehicle tracking device can reduce your vehicle insurance premiums.

Fleet Tracking Systems

This type of Vehicle Tracking system is for businesses with one or more vehicles they wish to track and monitor. The information is relayed and stored in the cloud (on the internet) and can be accessed via customer control panels and mobile phones etc.

Fleet Tracking systems for business include a full array of features such as real-time gps tracking, vehicle stats and information reporting, driver behaviour, fuel usage, efficient route planning, driver communications and much, much more.

You can find more information on vehicle trackers at our blog!

How Much do Vehicle Trackers Cost?

Vehicle tracking prices vary greatly, depending on which features you require.

The most basic trackers which can track the location and sometimes speed of a vehicle can cost as little as £50 for the unit and comes with a smartphone app to connect to the tracker.

If you want a better system with more features and vehicle tracking software, you can pay from as little as £7 per month on contract with the most basic features, or upto £500 per unit for the most elaborate tracking systems with a monthly fee for cloud based apps and software.

We totally recommend using vehicle tracking comparison sites like Quotesy to get the best vehicle tracker prices.

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Who is Vehicle Tracking for?

Vehicle tracking systems come in various shapes and sizes and are commonly used both by individuals on their personal vehicles and businesses on their vehicles.

Because of the great benefits of vehicle trackers, they appeal to individual people aswell as busines users.

Motorcycles benefit greatly from having a vehicle tracker installed for obvious security reasons. If the bike is stolen it has a much higher chance of being recovered before it dissapears.

Businesses with just 1 van can benefit greatly from installing a vehicle tracker as it increases security, maximises efficiency, streamlines maintenance and more.

Larger businesses with a fleet of vehicles should see vehicle tracking systems as an essential piece of equipment. With software to manage all vehicles in one place and real time information on vehicles and drivers, vehicle tracking systems are a must have addition.

Which Vehicle Tracker is right for me?

Personal Vehicle Trackers

Vehicle Trackers for personal vehicles are the cheapest option. You want a small budget friendly vehicle tracker. Personal vehicle trackers are single trackers which are usually very easy to install. They often have magnets to attach the tracker to the vehicle and are battery operated.

Most often, individual vehicle trackers connect to smartphones via an app where all the information is transmitted to and easy to manage. These trackers only have a limited amount of information available to transmit as the average person doesn’t need all of the same features as a business. Expect to pay from £99 upwards for a single personal vehicle tracker.

Business Vehicle Trackers

Depending on the amount of vehicles yoru business owns, depends on the vehicle trackign system you need. We fully reccomend speaking to some of our suppliers to determine the best system tailored for your needs.

Business Vehicle Trackers start from units similar to personal vehicle trackers which are cheaper and easy to install but have limited features, and range upto complex systems which have a whole array of features to help manage vehicles and drivers much easier. Prices start from £99 for a single unit and our suppliers also have contracts from £9.99 per month upwards depending on the size of the vehicle tracking ssytem.

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