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What are Fuel Cards?

If your business uses vehicles then you will likely benefit from having fuel cards, But, what are Fuel Cards?

Fuel Cards look like Credit Cards, but they can only be used to purchase fuel and other designated products from petrol stations. You or your drivers simply fuel your vehicle as normal and then pay with the Fuel Card.

Fuel Cards cannot be spent anywhere outside of the fuel card partnership network. This offers security and transparency to your business when you have multiple drivers fueling vehicles.

You can assign fuel cards to each driver so that you can monitor and regulate their spending, as well as make claiming VAT back very easy.

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How do Fuel Cards Work?

Once you are signed up and receive your Fuel Cards, you can distribute them to each of your drivers. They will then have their own fuel accounts to spend at petrol stations in the partnered network.

You don’t need to top up the fuel card, you will get billed for the spend every week with a VAT invoice which you can use to reclaim VAT very easily. You will also have full reports and a break down of what each driver is spending per week on fuel. The good thing about this is that you don’t have to keep giving your drivers money to top up the vehicles with fuel, and they don’t have to use their own money incase you forget or they run out.

Fuel Card Features

These are the Key Features of Vehicle Tracking.

  • Usable in most petrol stations throughout the UK.
  • No need to top up or pay upfront for your fuel.
  • Assign fuel cards to drivers to monitor spending etc.
  • Driver’s don’t need to keep receipts anymore.
  • Easily reclaim VAT on fuel spending.
  • Easy way to pay for fuel if you have multiple drivers.
  • Vehicle maintenance and expenses can also be paid for on the fuel card.
  • No interest charges.
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Fuel Card Benefits

Detailed Fuel Purchase Records

All fuel purchases made by your drivers, using your fuel cards, are kept on record for you to monitor. You have absolute control and transparency of exactly what is being spent down to the penny.

There is also other essential information held in the records which can help you maximise efficiency and reduce costs in your fleet.

Cheaper Fuel

Some fuel cards allow you to purchase fuel at wholesale prices which is cheaper than what you will find at the pumps.

Admittedly, this mostly applies to Diesel and must be bought at specific petrol stations but you can definitely take advantage of it to save money on fuel spending.

Improved Security

You can assign fuel cards to each driver and/or vehicle registration number so you can see exactly what they are spending. This eliminates fraudulent activity and over spending by your drivers.

When you spend on your fuel card you must give a unique pass code. This eliminates the possibility of your drivers losing their fuel card and a 3rd party trying to use it to fill up their own vehicles.

Some fuel card providers monitor spending patterns and notice when something unusual happens. They can be setup to send you text or email alerts when some unusual or unexpected spending happens.

Easier Fuel Purchasing for Drivers

Utilising fuel cards means your driver’s don’t need to carry cash on them to buy fuel, food, vehicle maintenance items, toll roads and more.

Your drivers simply need to purchase the goods as usual and provide the fuel card and their unique pass code to pay for them.

Fuel Card Rewards

Some fuel card providers offer a reward scheme where they give you points for the money that you spend. These points can later be exchanged for money off your fuel, which ultimately saves you even more money when using a fuel card.

Some of the Fuel Card providers who offer reward schemes are:

  • Shell
  • Texaco
  • Esso
  • Sainsburys and BP Nectar Card
  • Morrisons More Card
  • Tesco Club Card

Online Management Tools

Most fuel card suppliers offer online management tools which give full detailed reports of driver and vehicle spending, with dates, times and the amount of the purchases.

Some fuel card suppliers also have mobile apps which offer similar tools.

Invoices are easily downloaded and VAT is easy to recover on all fuel spending with these tools, meaning you save even more money by using fuel cards.

Restricted Purchasing

You can choose exactly which products your drivers are able to purchase on your fuel cards. However, ONLY the things you allow can be purchased and nothing else.

Aside from fuel – there are other things that you can purchase with fuel cards, such as;

  • Petrol, Diesel and Gas
  • Oil, Lubricants & Washer Fluid etc
  • Vehicle Maintenance
  • Food and Drinks
  • Toll Roads and Bridges etc

Easily Reclaim VAT

VAT is easily reclaimed when using fuel cards, due to the management tools that come with the cards, offering easy to download invoices and vat returns.

Want to see even more Fuel Card benefits? We have all the information you need in our useful blog!

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Types of Fuel Card

Anti-Theft Vehicle Trackers

This is the most basic type of vehicle tracker on the market and also the cheapest. These can be used for personal or business use.

Anti Theft Vehicle Trackers use either GPS or VHF to track the location of the vehicle, cargo or machinery. This information can be used by police and authorities to track down the stolen vehicle and hopefully retrieve it before it’s too late.

This type of vehicle tracking device can reduce your vehicle insurance premiums.

Fleet Tracking Systems

This type of Vehicle Tracking system is for businesses with one or more vehicles they wish to track and monitor. The information is relayed and stored in the cloud (on the internet) and can be accessed via customer control panels and mobile phones etc.

Fleet Tracking systems for business include a full array of features such as real-time gps tracking, vehicle stats and information reporting, driver behaviour, fuel usage, efficient route planning, driver communications and much, much more.

Are you looking for more information on the types of fuel cards? Come see our blog which has a plethora of useful information on fuel cards.

How Much do Fuel Cards Cost?

Some fuel cards are free, whereas others have an annual or monthly charge. It really depends on which company you choose and which features are right for you. Find the best fuel card deals on the market with our quick and easy fuel card comparison service.

It would be worth getting quotes from a few fuel card suppliers and comparing the best options for you. We will put you in contact with upto 3 fuel card providers who we think will best suit your requirements – all you have to do is fill in the form at the top of this page.

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Who are Fuel Cards for?

Fuel cards are for business use only and you cannot apply for a fuel card for personal use.

Any business that has even just 1 car or other vehicle can apply for a fuel card and start saving money.

Even if you are a sole trader and only use your vehicle to travel to and from work, you can apply for a fuel card and start saving money and managing fuel spending better.

Companies with more than 1 vehicle really reap the rewards of using fuel cards and the features and benefits of a fuel card.

Larger businesses with a fleet of vehicles should see fuel cards as an essential part of business. With software to manage all spending in one place and real time information on vehicles and drivers, fuel cards systems are a must have addition.

Which Fuel Card is right for me?

There are many companies offering fuel cards – each with their own features, benefits and savings, so it can be really hard to find the best choice for your business.

Here is a brief list of fuel cards and what their unique special features are. You can use this to help decide what is most important to you.

  • Allstar One – Best card for Discounts.
  • BP Supercharge – Best card for petrol station coverage.
  • UK Fuels Fleet One – Best card for Fleet Management Tools.
  • Texaco Fast Fuel – Best card for HGV’s.
  • Fuel Store Fuel Card – Best card for simplicity and ease of use.

Fuel Card Suppliers

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