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What is a Franking Machine?

What is a Franking Machine? Franking Machines are purpose built devices that print postage stamps onto envelopes and parcels.

Franking Machines do much more than just print stamps onto envelopes and parcels though!

Franking Machines have the ability to weigh and measure the items you are sending and they charge the exact cost of postage so you will never pay too much or too little to send your mail. This saves money if too much postage was paid, and reduces extra charges if not enough postage was paid.

There are a whole bunch of other features on franking machines, such as automatic envelope folding and sticking, automatic envelope feeding, logo and branding printing, user management, vat returns, automatic top ups and more.

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How does Franking Work?

When you have mail to send, the traditional way is to write on the envelope in pen and buy a stamp to stick on the corner. Franking works differently.

So, how does franking work? Instead of writing on the envelope, a franking machine will automatically print the stamp aswell as your name, address and your logo onto the envelope.

The amount paid for each individual item of post is calculated by the franking machine using the size and weight of the item. It is then printed onto the envelope or parcel.

Your franking machine will hold a pre-paid balance which you top up as and when you need, and the cost of each individual item of postage will be deducted from your balance once the stamp is printed.

Franked mail is posted in different mail boxes to normal mail and it is handled differently by Royal Mail. Franked mail has priority over standard mail so often arrives faster.

Franking Machine Features

These are the Key Features of Franking Machines.

  • Weighing Scales
  • Display Interface
  • Automatic Stamp Printing
  • Automatic Envelope Feeding
  • Automatic Envelope Sealing
  • Automatic Envelope Stacking
  • User Management
  • Accounting and Vat Returns
  • Digital Top-up
  • Smart Meter Technology
  • Pin Protection
  • Lan & Wifi Connectivity
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Franking Machine Benefits

Save upto 38% on Postage Stamps

One of the main Franking Machine benefits is the huge savings to be made on traditional postage stamps. You can save upto 38% over physical stamps.

This is not a gimmick or a con, it’s Royal Mail giving UK businesses a discount on postage. All you need is a Franking Machine with an approved supplier and you can start saving right away.

Pay Exact Cost of Postage

A common thing when posting mail is to pay the wrong amount of postage. There is Over-stamping and Under-stamping.

Over-Stamping is where you have paid too much postage for what you are sending. This can be due to incorrect weighing or sizing of the item that is to be posted. If you regularly send mail without a franking machine there is a good chance that you are over-stamping and paying too much to send your post.

Under-Stamping is where you have paid too little postage for what you are sending. Again, this can be due to incorrect weighing and sizing of the item you are sending. Under-stamping can cause problems as the item may either be sent back to you or the recipient will need to pay the outstanding amount before they receive their item. This is not only an unwanted hassle for your recipient but it also makes your business look unprofessional.

Easily Reclaim VAT on all Postage

Have you reclaimed VAT on every item of mail you sent in the past? Did you even know you could do that?

Franking Machines make reclaiming VAT on postage very easy. The franking machines is digital and can report on expenses and VAT with the touch of a button. You can download and print invoices as and when you require too.

This makes keeping your books upto date and reclaiming VAT on every item of postage that you send, whether it be a letter or a parcel, first or second class, an absolute doddle.

Increase Efficiency in the Office

Franking Machines can greatly increase efficiency in the office with the vast array of features and automatic functions that they can offer.

You can setup multiple users so each person who needs to send mail can have their own account and ID.

You will never have to queue at the post office for traditional stamps again and keep losing the stamp books, as it will all be digital with your new franking machine.

Never Buy Traditional Stamps again

With a Franking Machine you will never buy traditional stamps again. No, really!

Instead, you simply top up the balance on your franking machine digitally and the franking machine automatically charges the exact correct amount after you have weighed and sized the item of postage on the machine.

Print Logos and Messages on Postage

Have you ever noticed envelopes and parcels that have a company logo, trademark, message or similar printed next to the stamps?

Franking Machines do this for you. You simply upload your company logo and any message that you would like to include and the Franking Machine will automatically print them onto your mail for you.

This oozes professionalism and makes your business look great to the recipient.

Never Run out of Stamps

Do you often run out of stamps? Keeping a constant supply of stamps can be a real pain and often means regular trips to the post office. There is also the chance that you can lose the stamps or have them stolen, which is costing your business money unnecessarily.

With a Franking Machine you will never run out of stamps again. You top up your digital balance on the franking machine and the machine deducts from this balance when you print the stamp onto the envelopes and parcels.

Head on over to our blog to find even more franking machine benefits.

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Franking Machine Quotes - What Is A Franking Machine?

Types of Franking Machine

Small Office Franking Machines

This is the most basic type of franking machine on the market and also the cheapest. These are best suited to small businesses who don’t send a great deal of postage per day.

Although small office franking machines are the cheapest options available with the least features – they still save the same amount of money and have a built in weighing scale and automatic stamp printer included as standard.

Standard Franking Machines

This type of franking machine is for businesses who send more than a few items of mail per day and are looking for a few extra features included.

Standard Franking Machines include all the same features of a small office franking machine but are larger in size and have a few more features such as automatic feeding, user management, logo printing etc.

Advanced Franking Machines

Advanced Franking Machines have a full array of features including automatic closing and sealing of envelopes, automatic stacking, user management, program software, logo printing, and all the features of the small office franking machine and standard franking machine.

These franking machines are for businesses who send a lot of mail. They are larger in size and are like having your own small mail room within your business!

If you still need more information on the types of franking machines – then head over to our blog to answer all of your questions.

How Much do Franking Machines Cost?

One question we always get asked is, how much do franking machines cost? That totally depends on the features you require, the amount of mail you send and the franking machine provider you choose to go with.

Franking Machine 30 Day Free Trial

 We can offer 30 day free trials on certain models of franking machines. No obligation to buy or keep and with upto £20 pre-paid postage credit to get you going!

Outright Purchase of Franking Machines

The outright cost of a franking machine depends on the model you choose. There are many different sizes of franking machine with different features. You can choose to purchase the machine outright or pay on a monthly contract.

Pay Monthly for Franking Machines

If you don’t want to pay for the franking machine outright, there are options available to pay monthly for franking machines. Our experts will help you determine the best way for you to save money on your postage and with your budget.

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Who are Franking Machines for?

Franking Machines come in various shapes and sizes and are used by businesses of any size to reduce postage costs and increase efficiency in the office.

Because of the great benefits of franking machines, they appeal to small businesses who send just a few letters and/or parcels per day, to large companies sending hundreds of items of mail per day.

Businesses who send just a few items of mail per day can benefit greatly from a franking machine as it reduces stamping costs, reduces trips to the post office and increases efficiency in the office.

Larger businesses who send a lot of mail should see franking machines as an essential piece of equipment. With software to manage user accounts, vat returns, digital top ups etc, and all of the automatic functions that larger franking machines offer, franking machines are a must have piece of equipment.

Which Franking Machine is right for me?

How Much Postage do you Send Daily?

To get the most savings when using a Franking Machine it is important to work out how much postage you send on a daily/monthly basis.

There would be no point getting a high-end fully equipped Franking Machine if you only send a few letters and parcels a day because you would be paying more for the franking machine and losing any savings to be had. At the same time though, you don’t want to get a franking machine that is not equipped enough for your needs – if you send a good amount of letters and parcels per day.

We have expert account managers who will help you pick the perfect franking machine for your business to maximise efficiency in the office and reduce your postage costs.

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