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What are Business Phone Systems?

Business phone systems are different to normal household telephones.

So, what are business phone systems? Business Phone Systems are packed with extra features that a household phone doesn’t have. They can be connected to a business telephone system so that multiple calls can be made at the same time, and call transfers from one telephone to another are a great added feature.

VoIP is another common feature with a business telephone system, allowing your employees to wear headsets and take calls through the cloud as opposed to through conventional phone lines. This has many benefits but ultimately it saves money from needing to lease more than one phone line and there is specialist call software to automate calls and increase sales.

Business phone systems are suited to those who need just 1 telephone in the office, to those that need over 100 telephones in the office.

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Compare Business Phones

There are 2 main types of business telephone system; Cloud Based Phone Systems and On Premises Phone Systems. So let’s compare business phones and what they offer.

On Premises Business Telephone Systems use either a multi-line system or a more advanced PBX system. Both of these use telephone lines to make and receive calls using the equipment available on your premises such as telephones, headsets and other hardware. This can be more costly as you have to buy all the hardware outright, but once it is bought it is then yours to keep and is paid for.

Cloud Based Telephone Systems, aka a VoIP Phone system, use the internet and calling software to make and receive calls. You don’t need any other telephone lines other than the internet connection to your workplace. The only hardware you need are telephones and/or headsets. Calling software is upgraded regularly so you never have to upgrade your hardware, unlike  On Premises telephone systems where you would have to buy new equipment to get new features and upgrades. You usually pay a one-off setup fee and then a monthly fee per user.

Business Telephone Features

These are the Key Features of Business Phones.

  • Call Transfers
  • Call Forwarding
  • Call Waiting / On-Hold
  • Call Recording
  • Call Queuing System
  • VoIP Calling
  • Voicemail
  • Music On Hold
  • Call Management Software
  • Call Parking and Call Pickup
  • Automatic Call Distribution
  • Call & Video Conferencing
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Business Telephone Benefits

Cheaper Telephone and Calling Costs

Cloud and VoIP phone systems are much cheaper than traditional phone line calling due to the nature that they work.

With traditional telephone lines, you pay a telecom company for line rental and a set price per minute of calling. However with VoIP, your calls are made over the internet and you only pay a monthly fee to use the cloud service, no matter how many calls you make. Therefore, the more telephones you have connected and the more calls you make – the more money you save!

Better Call Management

The main advantages of business telephone systems are better call management. The features available on even the most basic of systems trumps that of a normal household telephone.

Call transfers, Call forwarding, Call waiting and On hold, Call recording, Call queuing, Voicemail, On hold music, Call management software, Call parking and Call pickup, Automatic call distribution and Call conferencing are just some of the many features available to give you better call management within your company.

Never Miss an Important Call Again

With Call queuing, Call transfers, Call forwarding, Call management software and Automatic call distribution – you can be sure to never miss an important call again.

Wherever you are your system can be setup so that you can receive the call either to your desk in another room, your mobile in another city, or your VoIP headset to the computer next door.

Your phone system can put people in a queue and give them a number, play them music while on hold and automatically put them through to the correct department.

Easy Expansion & Upgrades

Business Telephone systems can be easily expanded to increase the number of phones and lines connected. Depending whether you choose a multi-line system or a VoIP phone system determines how this is done – but it can be done to any system.

With Cloud based Phones and VoIP, upgrades are automatic and regular as you use specialist software, this keeps maintenance and upgrade costs to a minimum.

You can literally add as many lines and telephones as you need, there is no limit!

Flexibility to Work Smarter from Anywhere

With a VoIP phone system, you can literally log in anywhere in the world and as long as you have a headset with you, you can start calling and receiving calls as if you were back at the office. You can also have calls diverted to your mobile manually or automatically.

Multi-Site Integration

Business phone systems allow you to connect multiple business locations as if they were one office.

If you have offices in different towns and cities, the calling software combines all locations and diverts each call to the correct place as if they were all in one place.

This can greatly reduce costs from having office telephone systems setup in multiple locations, from having to maintain and upgrade them etc.

Maximise Efficiency in the Office

With a business phone system, it is easy to maximise efficiency in the office. Call management software ensures your calls goto the right person in the right location and you can schedule calls to be made and assign calls to employees etc.

Find even more benefits of business phones over at our blog!

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Types of Business Telephones

Multi-Line Phone Systems

Multi line phone systems combine multiple phone lines into a single (or multiple) telephone device. Multi-line phone systems can also be known as switchboard systems.

Multi line phone systems all you to transfer calls to the right person within your business, fast, easy and securely. You can also have multiple telephone numbers and this is a great way to efficiently manage all of your numbers on one device. Multi line phone systems are human operated telephone systems which require human interaction to transfer calls to the correct department.

Most businesses would benefit from having more than 1 telephone line, because if you are on the phone to one client but somebody else is trying to get through, you will miss that call and potentially lose a new customer.

PBX Phone System

A PBX phone system is very similar to multi line phone systems, with the main difference being that PBX phone systems are setup to automatically transfer calls to the correct department, rather than needing human interaction.

With both multi line systems and a PBX phone system, you can expect to receive multiple calls at the same time, call transfer ability, voicemails, speaker systems and much more – depending on the complexity and cost of the system you choose.

Cloud & VoIP Phone System

Cloud & VoIP phone systems are a modern, cheaper alternative business phone system to a PBX phone system – which are a very good, reliable and efficient phone system, but they can cost a lot of money to setup and maintain.

Cloud telephone services are based online and offer VoIP, video and even regular telephone calls. Cloud telephones are much easier to setup as all the technical things are setup and maintained by a 3rd party – allowing you to simply sign up and connect your phones and headsets to the software.

A Cloud or VoIP system offers a vast range of features and regular updates which make cloud phone systems a real contender in the business telephone market.

Cloud Phone Systems have an online control panel which you can connect to and use with multiple devices such as PC’s, Macs, tablets and mobile phones. This allows you to use your cloud based phone system anywhere in the world and you can transfer calls to other departments – even if they are in a different location to you!

One down side to cloud based phone systems is that they are reliant on an internet connection. Therefore, if your internet is down at the office for any reason, or your mobile data runs out on your mobile phone – you won’t be able to make or receive calls! This is one area where Multi line phone systems and a PBX phone system score points over cloud based phone systems. Make sure you understand the pros and cons to all the options before choosing the right business phone system for you.

Still need more information? Read more about the types of business phones at our blog.

How Much do Business Telephones Cost?

The price of a business telephone system varies greatly, depending on which features you require.

The cheapest option is a cloud based VoIP telephone package which can cost as little as £5 per user per month. You will then need a business telephone, headset or mobile phone to connect to the service and you are then good to go. You also don’t need to purchase telephone lines and pay line rental with a cloud based phone system – you simply need an internet connection and can have as many lines as you require/sign up for.

Multi line phone systems and PBX systems cost more than a voip phone system because you have to buy the equipment yourself aswell as pay for line rental for the amount of lines you want etc.

Obviously, the amount of lines you require and amount of telephones you need connecting to the system will determine how much your business telephone system will cost.

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Who are Business Telephones for?

Business Telephones can be used by anybody but are specifically made and marketed for business use.

Business Phones for Home Offices are a great investment, with even the most basic phones having more features than the standard household phone.

Businesses with an office benefit greatly from office telephone systems as there can be any number of phones connected to the system from 1 to hundreds if need be!

Small to medium businesses, SME’s, large corporations and call center’s could not be without a professional telephone system to streamline communication and take full advantage of all features they have to offer.

Which Business Telephone is right for me?

On Premises Business Phone Systems

Single line, Multi line and PBX phone systems are all setup and based in your own business premises.

The advantage of this is that you are not reliant on an internet connection like a cloud based phone system. The disadvantage however is that you are responsible for the setup, upkeep and maintenance of the entire system – which can be very time consuming and costly.

Cloud Based Phone Systems

Cloud telephone systems are the easiest to setup and manage as you simply sign up to a service and connect your devices. All of the upkeep and maintenance of the telephone system is managed by the cloud company you have signed up to so you don’t have to worry about any of that.

The down side of cloud based and VoIP telephone systems is that they are reliant on a good internet connection. If your internet is down or you have a bad connection – you will either not be able to make or receive calls, or your call quality will suffer.

Make sure you understand the pros and cons of the different business telephone systems before choosing the best option for your business.

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